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Canada's first touch-free with a QR code payment app

zoompay announces a partnership with he 
Taxi Industry & a sponsorship by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec.


Clients can now pay taxi professionals using their mobile devices. Watch the demo below!

Untitled design (8).png

You can download zoompay on the App Store and Google Play for free.

Paying your  local business is now easier and safer than ever

No more messing around with payment terminals and disinfectants to pay for your favorite coffee. 


Businesses start accepting contactless payments within minutes.

Keep your employees and customers happy and safe with a convenient and secure contact-free payment solution. 


Fast Payments




Credit and Debit


100% contact free


Made in Montreal


no charges for debit


Pay back your friends in seconds using zoompay debit.

The convenient way to handle payments. Make them in a matter of seconds.

The easiest payment method for public markets. Scan the QR to pay your fruits and vegetables in the Jean-Talon market. 

Simply scan the QR code with your smart phone, easy!

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